Skye Renee Foley

Complicated hot babe, who will walk out of a workplace if you treat her badly. Tends to be bullied easily when shite hits the fan and blamed for shit. Low income, low self-esteem. Pronouns They/Them/She/Her&Fuckoff (under the breath or softly mouthed to your face). Spoken word performances in and around Glasgow, NVG Artist. Het cis men love telling me what to do, or are terrified of me, can’t work it out. Part of the intersectional feminist welding co-op Slaghammer. Non-binary, gender queer, trans soft butxh gurly gurl! Pan&Ace but can be persuaded with a lot of love and cuddles and safety. Not very popular with people with dicks on their heads. No idea why? Interested in Queer Scots history. Cancel cancel culture and bring in transformative justice.